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Sunday, July 1, 2012

ECC terms

Take Note! :))

- Serious buyers only.
- All Items sold are not refundable or exchangeable and at your own risk during posting process..
- The price shown is fixed and non-negotiable.
- The price shown does not include Shipping Fee.
- All items are pre-order stocks unless stated otherwise - You must study the measurement of every good precisely before placing an order. (All goods sold are not exchangable or refundable.)
- You cannot change your order once the payment is confirmed.
- Out of stock will be informed on immediately.
-You can replace with other goods (Have to wait another 7-9 working days). or request for full refund if any ordered good is out of stock.
- You will receive goods around 7-9 working days* after the payment is confirmed.
- If the fabric, size, colors you are require a higher kind, please think before submit the order
- We do not accept the following questions and ask for replacement

How to Order:
Pm me or email at ezloveycraft@yahoo.com

Required details

Name :
H/P no :
Address (must include poscode):
Order (code, color & size if any):

Shipping Rates
West Malaysia: ( POSLAJU )
First 500g = RM7.00
Additional 500g = +RM3.00 (e.g. total weight is 1kg = 7 + 3 = RM10.00)

East Malaysia: ( POSLAJU )
First 500g = RM10.00
Additional 500g = +RM5.00 (e.g. total weight is 1kg = 10 + 5 = RM15.00)

Payment details and others will be given after receiving your details.thanks :) Have a nice day :)

#please.please fahamkan maksud pre order before order people :)

• Out of stock due to high demand

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Alia Zabidi said...

assalamualaikum, nak order macam mane ??

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